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The Buy Pints community has already visited many places around the globe. Send us a picture of a Buy Pints sticker or shirt + location and we'll feature you on the map! We're going worldwide!

We listed some of our favourite establishments for drinking a cold one. Let us know what your favourite place is in the recommendation box!


4 pints.png

A very special place for someone that loves a pint. The name already says it: "Beer factory"


"It was a cold winters night, the lads decided to go on an adventure: Amsterdam was the place that would be discovered. 


The tap table was found in the Bierfabriek, beers started flowing, and then... 

one man rose from his seat and shouted "THE KING, THE KING, THE KING!"

Amsterdam was conquered."

Highly recommended. Great location in the middle of Amsterdam, free peanuts, and good beer. 4 Pints!


3,5 pints.png

Best brewery from Amsterdam. Forget Heineken. Forget Amstel. This is the place to be.

It has some very nice craft beers, offering something for everyone's needs. Sadly, not to be found in pints.

A warm summers day calls for a beer at Brouwerij 't IJ. After finding your seat in the sun, you kick your legs up and you cheers to how wonderful life can be.

A nice establishment, in a nostalgic place on the edge of the Amsterdam centre. A spot to get away from all the busyness and relax. 3,5 Pints

Brouwerij 't IJ


4 pints.png

Sportcentrum Midden Boskoop

Sportcentrum Midden Boskoop, the place to be for the true BUYPINTS family member who occasionally want to show of at the tennis- or squascourt..

A sportsbar in the nice cul-du-sac village of Boskoop, South Holland in between greeneries and at a stone through away of the much appreciated “Bentwoud”.


After your run at one of the 10 courts, solarium, aerobics or the indoor ski-slopes it is time to enjoy a nice cold beer at the bar of this establishment where young, friendly staff is helping you through the evening. Sometimes these evenings turn into nights or even early morning, when a surprise karaoke or racket-tournament is on. The bar is well known for its 36-pieces plate of fritters or as they call it locally, the “bruine fruitschaal”. 


You will meet the locals from the nearby villages and as long as you know that grass supposed to be green, you are ok to join the conversations.


The bar further presents a wide selection on bottled and tap beer, whereby each seasonal change is supported by a special beer at a special price. Your correspondents favourite is the “Hertog Jan - draft” which invites you to stay even longer and don’t want you to go home at all.


BuyPints proudly presents this class facility to its community and hope you will join the ranks at some point at this sports-bar.


4 pints.png

Papa Beer

Located in downtown Burgas, ‘Papa Beer’ is truly the best place for beer lovers.

Offering a wide variety of Bulgarian, local, and foreign craft beers as well as a great selection on taps. You can enjoy a beer either outside or inside in the cozy tasting room.

The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable on the beers they offer.

They could tell you more about their history and give you any recommendations based on your preferences.

The place offers much to the cultural experience and regularly holding art and music events


5 pints.png

Ye Olde Elm Tree

You have to visit Ye Olde Elm Tree in Durham. It’s just off from the centre of the city, and is a proper locals’ boozer. There’s always a sense of welcoming and you’re always able to fit just 1 more mate around the table than you thought. The landlord and lady have always made sure it’s a dog friendly place and you get to sit and chat with the ex-miners and their dogs and all their stories of the changing city, and they always offer to buy your next one, no matter how full your current pint is, and always ask to hear your stories too.


There’s always a new rotation of ales each week that mean that you always think of that one pint you wish you’d bought two of, and that eager hope of seeing it on tap draws you back in through the doors.


There’s an air of quiet acceptance no matter who’s ordering, and there’s nothing but love for the pints being drank.


4,5 pints.png

Hanover Tap

Perfect for a quiet first pint with friends or a final big pint of a night out. Its got it all. Regularly selling craft pints at wonderful discounts, plus the classic student discount makes this the perfect place to sip a cold one. Not to mention they show all the sport you could ever want!



5 pints.png

De Dulle Griet

A wise man spoke upon his young disciples: “Belgium is the holy land of beer. Seek and thou shall find.” With great courage the young ones started their trek. Ghent would be the destination. They wandered, they searched, they found. The young ones looked up to the sky and bright shining stars that spelt “De Dulle Griet” led them home.


Upon entering the establishment, the men discovered something they had never seen before: A 1,2L beer in a glass that could only be held straight in a wooden holder. The adventurers followed their heart and ordered the so-called Max beer. The bartender demanded one thing; they would have to relinquish one shoe as collateral in order to receive this holy elixir. The shape of the glass caused a waterfall of beer to flow directly into their gizzard. A special technique was required to consume this liquid, proving once again that drinking beer is form of art. 


Basically, at this magical place you get shitfaced from one beer and literally get your shoes knocked off. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.


Besides the absolute powerhouse of a beer, they offer a large selection of beers that will do the job as well. It is very likely to get you crowned King Kater the next day.


3 pints.png

Café de Burcht

This upper class establishment is quite the spot if your interested in tinkering with the educational powerhouses of Leiden University. Situated in the heart of the city it provides a nice setting for an end of the day pint or premium ale.


Buy Pints followers are known to frequent the pub quiz every Tuesday to dabble in the essence of being totally baffled by the scholars of this majestic installation.


So if you just want to study or read the daily chronicle then this is the place, it might also be noted that the bar staff are very friendly and will adhere to your every need.

So if your not the sharpest or sophisticated tool in the shed then I suggest going somewhere else because if your IQ isn’t higher than Snoop Doggy Dog then your in no uncertain terms “absolutely fucked”


4 pints.png


Imagine: you are at home, all alone, enjoying a fair microwaved dinner while watching a shitty documentary about the history of bookcases. You feel a buzz in your pocket and realize that someone is calling you. It's your mother. After denying the call three times, you decide to pick up the phone. About 45 minutes later you finally say bye to mom, followed by a good long sigh. Apparently your parents neighbors are moving, your father mowed the lawn and almost killed a sick bird, the extractor hood is broken and the repairman is on vacation, it has been raining all week, your moms best friends' son has found a new job, your grandmother fell off the stairs again, your cousin is dating someone and your mom is wondering when you will finally get into a relationship. It is time for beer.


Falstaff is a cosy local bar that offers a tremendous amount of craft beers. Their specialty: beer menus. No more difficulties with deciding what beer you will order next, you just pick a menu of your choice and the following four beers are fixed. Whether you like blondes, browns, IPA's or stouts, there is a proper menu for everyone. The bartenders know all about the craft beers they are serving and are willing to help you choose a menu. If you are hungry, take the 'bierbitterballen', a Dutch mouth-watering delicacy that tastes good with any beer. Trust me, after four craft beers you are likely to be tipsy enough to forget how to open the door so you might as well stay to have another beer and celebrate the night.


4,5 pints.png


LOCATION: Bank street Ottawa ON Canada.

It's the morning after pill of pubs...The Mecca of the sunday session spots.

A place where the boys come after a heavy night of partying to avail of the cure.

As you ingest your first pint of 5$ Mexican piss water your regrets of the previous night slowly slip away. You become one with tacky Mexican style bar and immersed in its culture. You pause for a second and thank god you don't have to swim across the Rio Grande for a better life and be glad it's only the hangover you have to survive.



5 pints.png


Fiiiine selection of pints and cocktails. Nice chill atmosphere, really brings the bohemian vibe to Prague - a hidden spot in the heart of Vinohrady, the newest up and coming hipster area in Prague.

4 pints.png


I do not know where to start on this place. Allegedly this is the story of my experience. I say allegedly because I am also unsure what exactly happened here. 


The first signs that I would be a place like no other were probably when a dog as big as a horse and a crying toddler walked out of this place side-by-side at 1 AM as if it were their standard Thursday night. Anyhow, at the door there was lovely lady, who gladly helped visitors to enter the premises (read: horrible screaming woman who would let one person per 10 minutes in). Once past the lovely lady and down the stairs into the underground, it was actually a very interesting place where rooms were connected by tunnels, graffiti over all the walls and it was illuminated by different colours. In one room there was live music, the other had a long line of foosball tables, and in the other you could just chill. I am actually still confused how that place was structured, but that could be caused by the becherovka.


Interesting people attended the place. In the foosball table room, we met Chad from the US. If you are reading this: Miss you, buddy! GO HAWKS! In the room with live music we met two Greek guys who wanted to cheers every 10 seconds. If you are reading this: Cheers to you, buddies.


In conclusion, my description cannot do this place justice. It is a place that you have to experience for yourself. It definitely left an impression.


4,5 pints.png


Revolution - for the locals "Revs".

Great for a date night with the mrs. It has your favorite pints and her favorite cocktails. All 2 for 1 within the happy hour.


Perfect place for day drinking on there rooftop bar, just make sure you are able to walk the stairs later.

A trendy place with friendly staff, definitely worth going!

4 pints.png


An easy and classic pint opposite Solent University.

The ideal place for your morning, afternoon and dinner pint. Serves the best drafts with a cheeky student discount. Next to it you have the night club switch where you can continue your late night celebrations.

Spitfire is perfect for pre drinks, pub meals and has an overall great atmosphere.

Another bonus: they are always showing football on the telly.

The Hague

Den Haag
3,5 pints.png


Your run of the mill student bar, during happy hour it’s a different story. With 2 for 1’s on beers, it turns into some messy but quite delightful scenes.

It is highly recommended that you visit this place with your buypints brothers purely because they will need to carry you out at the end. Some lads who religiously visit this cheeky sesh point have been known to end up having a rather glorious intoxicated train ride to Schiphol Airport, despite their residence being closer to The Hague.

And now to the beer, although it is your standard festival Heineken, it should never be underestimated as it is guaranteed to have you smoking your ciggies from the wrong end.

There are also a few notable Belgium bangers to watch out for, in particular the Affligem Blonde 6,8% proof, on tap. There’s a lot to say about this beer but here at buypints we consider it to have quite a gentle aromatic scent, which is nicely complemented by its authentic rich flavour.

If you're a student in The Hague and one of your sesh comrades poses the question: shall we have a naughty beer at Siezo’s?

The reply should always be: do bears shit in woods?

2,5 pints.png


Classic after work/uni place to drink a naughty beverage.

Not the kind of place to go for a massive bender, but a nice establishment to get the first drinks down you and plan the rest of the night.


However, one should always be careful, as the ancient proverb goes: "1 beer leads to 2, 2 beers lead to 10." After beer number 2 a crucial decision has to be made: you either call it a day or you live for the sesh and soldier on, not knowing how, and where you are going to end up.

Standard bar, straight down the middle: 2,5 Pints



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