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Party games

Beer Pong

Two teams set up 10 cups on each side of the table. Whoever hits all cups with a ping pong ball first, wins.  


Set a score in 3 goes. The lowest score drinks. However, the highest score is 21 (mex); the number of drinks multiply by 2.

F*ck the dealer

In 2 goes, guess which card the dealer draws. After the 1st go, the dealer must say if the card is higher or lower. When the 2nd guess is wrong, drink the number of sips that the guess is away from the card. When the 1st guess is correct, the dealer drinks 5 sips. The 2nd guess, the dealer drinks 3 sips. If 3 people guess wrong in a row, the dealer can pass the deck on.

Coaster catch

See who can catch the most coasters with one hand when flipping them up from the table. Take turns, whoever can’t catch the same amount as the person before, drinks.


Fold the bottle caps in half and place 4 cups in the middle of the table. Make sure they form a gap in the middle. Place the cap in the palm of your hand and hit the bottom of the table to make it fly towards the cups. Hitting the cup is one drink for the person next to you, hitting the gap is a shot. If the next person also hits, it’s 2 drinks for the next and so on. 

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