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Two in one

Still unbeaten

As we missed a week on the blog, we'll quickly update you on the match of the 12th of October away against BSC '68. Floreant were the dominant team for most of the match, however the opponent did take the lead in the first half. The lads reacted quickly by scoring the equalizer. In the second half they went on to take the lead. It took ages to score the redeeming 1-3. The score could have been 1-8, but the boys would have to settle for the 1-3 win giving them 7 points out of 3 matches played.

HZV home - cup run comes to an end

On the 19th of October, Floreant played the team of Heineken employees for the first knock out match of cup. The match started at 11:45, but some of Floreant's players only started playing football at 12:00: In the first 15 minutes, HZV scored 3 times after 3 defensive mistakes. In the remainder of the first half they were able to contain any further damage.

In the second half the boys in yellow and blue change tactics to a more offensive approach. And it payed off; Dwight was able to score with an outstanding volley placed in the corner. The lads could not build on the momentum and due to stamina issues were not able to score any more goals. Knocked out of the cup, so now the full focus can be on the league.

The atmosphere in the dressing room luckily did not suffer too much under the first defeat. Most boys regained their winning confidence over a game of beer pong and a couple of pints.

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