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off to a good start

With the turkey and Christmas pints still rumbling in the bellies, the boys in yellow and blue had to line up for the first match of the new decade. A local derby was due to be fought out against Be Fair 9. A lot was on the line; first and foremost the domination of the region, and second of all Floreant could gain a few spots in the table with a win.

From the very first minute it was an exciting match. Both sides showed good character and fought for every ball. Five minutes into the match, Floreant received a free kick at about 35 yards from the opponent's goal. The circumstances were in favour of the kick taker: A medium strong wind in the back to give the ball some extra speed and movement. It was as if the love child of David Beckham and Juninho took over Tijmen's body when he hit the ball. A ball that at first seemed to go over by miles curled in such a way that it set direct route to the top bins of the goal. The goalkeeper was defeated, the ball hit the framework and ended in the back of the net. 1-0 to Floreant 6.

The first half continued in a way that you can expect from a derby. There were chances for both teams, but the score remained the same for a long time. Until around the 35th minute; Be Fair were attacking when a hectic moment arose in front of the Floreant goal. The stress got the most of Dani, who played his first match in two years, and accidentally slotted his clearance past Denny, 1-1. The momentum was in Be Fair's favour at this point. Floreant did try to win it back, but couldn't get the grip on the game. In the last minute of the first half, the quick winger of Be Fair managed to get a second goal for his team from a counter attack.

The boys knew they could still win it if they continued putting in the same effort in the second half. By doing so they had a lightning start: After just a couple of minutes Mike equalized for Floreant with an easy tap in from some great build up play. From that point onwards, the lads from Boskoop knew they were in it to win it.

Tackles from both sides flew in from left, right and centre, but it didn't get hostile. The teams weren't going to let the rival just walk over them. Floreant continued playing well, barely giving away any chances at the back and keep on creating them up front. Halfway through the second half, Jurgen managed to score, which gave Floreant the lead again. Be Fair did try to force an equalizer in the dying seconds but luckily Richard was equal to the attempts.

Floreant 6 won 3-2 in the local rivalry against Be Fair 9, giving them three crucial points to stay in the race in the league.

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