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Floreant 6 advance to the next Round

The race for the cup continues for the boys in yellow and blue. In the last match of the group stage, Floreant won with a big score once again. Kamerik 4 were beaten with nine goals to one.

In the first half it didn't seem like Floreant would be winning the game so easily as the previous two (both 7-1). The match was slow with very few chances on both sides. The only opportunities came from free kicks or corners. Towards the end of the half, Floreant took the lead via Nick after a mistake of the keeper.

The second half was a totally different story. After some strong words in the dressing room, the lads came out fresh with a different tactic. Especially Jurgen had a big impact on the match: Within minutes he scored the second goal of the afternoon. After a small hiccup in the defense which lead to the 2-1, the yellow and blue goal machine got into gear. Goals started coming left right and centre. Tim, Mike, Roy and Lars all got on the score sheet, but Man of the Match Jurgen rewarded his outstanding play with a hattrick.

The team concluded the group stage with 9 points and a goal difference of 23-3, making them the group winners. Therefore, they will proceed to the next round in the cup.

For now they can focus on the start of the league. With these incredible results under the belt, we have high hopes for the rest of the season.

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