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Back on track

After a difficult couple of weeks, Floreant 6 are back to their winning ways beating ARC 18 3-1 this weekend.

In the previous three weeks, the lads didn't manage to get a single point against some of their close competitors. Hazerswoudse Boys just managed to get the win in 2-3 thriller. Against Rohda '76 6, Floreant had a massive off-day in which they lost 4-1. And last week they conceded 5 against TAVV 8 who were bottom of the table.

Luckily it looks like the boys were able to turn this unfortunate run of form around in this weeks match. It was a difficult start of the match; there were chances for both sides but ARC was definitely the most threatening. Denny was able to keep Floreant in the match with some incredible saves. Against the odds, the boys in yellow and blue scored the opening goal via a great ball from right back Tim, which was headed on by Frank after which Mike could easily slot it past the keeper.

It didn't change the momentum, however. ARC were still the dominant team and a few minutes before half time they scored the equalizer.

In the second half, Floreant had a better start; they were dominating team. They turned this strong start into a lead. Jelmer calmly placed a penalty in the bottom corner and a few moments later Jurgen also got his goal.

ARC had a giant opportunity to score the 3-2 but they somehow missed from not even a meter away from the goal. He probably didn't sleep so well that night...

Besides that there weren't any big chances and Floreant played out the game comfortably. Hopefully they can continue the winning form again.

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