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About us

Welcome to Buy Pints, we are here to share the passion for pints with you! Through t-shirts, sweaters, stickers and more merchandise, we are spreading the word about the community of Buy Pints. A community that celebrates life through the good times and the bad times. We believe a pint stands for more than just the beverage: Besides the wonderful taste, it is the feeling, the atmosphere and the reason around it that make drinking a pint so great.

For us three things take centre stage in life: Getting the most out of life, Camaraderie, and Celebration. This is also reflected in our slogan "Sharing the Passion for Pints."

Sharing - We're doing this together and everyone is welcome.

Passion - Even the smallest achievements are large victories.

Pints - A celebration is not complete without a pint.

how it began

It all started by a friend telling me to buy pints. I thought that sounded as such kind advise, I wanted to tell more people to buy pints too.


At the time we were both students and as students do, we loved to drink beer. Pints laid the foundation of a significant part of our studies and many celebrations. Probably during one of the drunk conversations in the pub, the idea for this brand originated.


The nightly, beer-fueled escapades and heavy mornings shaped us to what we are today. We learned to take full advantage of any reason to celebrate. Now fully evolved in the working world, we are still buying pints. And we wouldn't want to see it any different.

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